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Immigration Solicitors Luton

Immigration Solicitors Luton

Our specialised Immigration Solicitors deal with all aspects of Immigration Law including Business Immigration and Human Rights.

Business Immigration Luton

Our experienced Business Immigration Solicitors in Luton can also advise businesses and employers with their Business Immigration queries. For example, you may be interested in employing a person who is not legally ‘settled’ in the United Kingdom, or you may already employ such a person and wish to extend the agreement.

Alternatively, you may simply wish to ensure that your Business Immigration practises are compliant with the latest Immigration law as it applies to employers and businesses. This will ensure you and your business are not at risk of unknowingly committing an immigration offence which could result in a large penalty fine.

Human Rights Luton

As Human Rights issues are also commonplace in many Immigration cases, this is an area of law we deal with on a regular basis.

Immigration Law is at the forefront of development within the Human Rights arena, as new Immigration cases are brought to senior Courts of Law so the interpretation of Human Rights Legislation is changed benefiting others with similar cases.